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Toilets are an essential part of your living and need to be fixed immediately if anything goes wrong. Have your toilets replaced or repaired by Smile Clean to benefit you for eternity ahead!

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Toilet Repair & Replacement

Are you having a hard time with the clogged toilet situation in your restrooms? Have you been in vain trying the messy DIYs videos to help you with your broken toilet?

Toilets are the most essential mechanism in every house and when clogged or runny can be an add-on headache for everybody. Keeping your toilets undamaged and well-functioning will sustain the cruciality of your homestyle living.

Get your toilets repaired or replaced effectively by a trained New Kingston Cleaning plumber and live in peace and harmony. Bid farewell to those unwanted toilet dramas and keep your mind and soul cleansed and unclogged at all times!

Using a toilet and realizing the next second that it does not flush can leave you raged! Imagine a toilet that creaks or moves when you sit on it and starts running uncontrollably a few minutes later. Horrible situation, isn’t it? Issues like leaking, poor flushing, clogging, and of course, a broken toilet need to be taken into consideration for a good repair or replacement service. Unattended problems like these may end up increasing over time, maybe even burdening onto your bills!

Here are a few signs your toilet might need to be repaired, serviced, or replaced as soon as possible-
• If your tank starts leaking from the base every time the toilet is flushed
• The toilet is loose and rocks back and forth
• Poor or no flushing
• Very bad sewer odour around the toilet
• Overflow due to clogged toilets

Enter your request online or call to have a professional New Kingston Cleaning plumber by your doorstep to handle the situation with ease. Fix your toilets and throw aside your worries every time you feel the urge to go!

Smile clean employs professionally certified plumbers with years of experience in toilet repair and replacement services who are ready to serve you at a moment’s notice in the Kingston and St. Andrew area.

There’s no place like home, and there’s no toilet like your own. Embrace the peacefulness of your very own toilets at your home by keeping them fit and functioning with New Kingston Cleaning.

If you have multiple toilets that need to be repaired or replaced, you can always opt for a discount. In any case should you not be satisfied with New Kingston Cleaning’s services, you will get a complete refund. New Kingston Cleaning wants to flush away all your troubles!

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Your service providers show up on time to your location to carry out your Toilet Repair & Replacement service.


Team members are not only qualified, but they will work for innovative solutions to any problems.


While we are not the least expensive and not for everyone, you get a service that is guaranteed, or your money back.

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