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Keep your office pristine. We clean the desks, chairs, meeting rooms, rest rooms, lobby areas, kitchens and everything else in your office. We'll even keep your bathrooms and kitchens stocked with your favorite foods and supplies. And computer cleaning is coming soon!

$4,500.00 - Group of small office rooms

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Service in Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine

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Office Cleaning New Kingston Cleaning
Office Cleaning New Kingston Cleaning
Office Cleaning New Kingston Cleaning
Office Cleaning New Kingston Cleaning
Office Cleaning New Kingston Cleaning
Office Cleaning New Kingston Cleaning
Office Cleaning New Kingston Cleaning
Office Cleaning New Kingston Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Maintain spotless offices for ensuring the health of your employees.  

Offices, where many people come in every day, require a meticulous level of cleaning to ensure hygiene and a good appearance. 

Keep your office space spotless and hygienic by enlisting the help of a professional office cleaning services as often as you need. Always keep yourself and your employees safe and happy in the workplace. 

Offices are notorious for being centers of bad hygiene and looking shabby and unclean. With people moving around and working all day, viruses and bacteria can spread easily, not to mention dust, stains, litter, used cups and plates in the kitchen or other communal spaces. Workplaces need to maintain a rigorous schedule of daily cleaning to ensure that your professional space will always look great and that pathogens will be eliminated.  

Enter your request online or call to receive regular deep office cleaning services done professionally to provide the utmost level of care for your employees. You can adapt and plan the perfect cleaning schedule for your particular office space, focusing on deep cleaning and disinfecting of communal spaces, floor and window cleaning, dusting, dishwashing, and everything else that’s needed to keep your office space healthy and spotless. 

New Kingston Cleaning employs professional and conscientious cleaners with years of experience ready to serve you at a moment’s notice in the Kingston and St. Andrew area.  

Always stay on top of what you need to do for your office and focus on serving your customers without worrying about whether your office is clean. You can set a schedule and be assured that the work will be done and you will be able to take care of everything else you need to do. 

If you arrange a regular schedule for office cleaning, you can get a discount. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the level of professionalism and service, you can receive a full refund from New Kingston Cleaning. 

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What's in your Office Cleaning service


Your service providers show up on time to your location to carry out your Office Cleaning service.


Team members are not only qualified, but they will work for innovative solutions to any problems.


While we are not the least expensive and not for everyone, you get a service that is guaranteed, or your money back.

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